Bio Nutrition - Tea - Moringa Mint - 30 Bags

Bio Nutrition - Tea - Moringa Mint - 30 Bags


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Bio nutrition moringa tea mint flavor is made from moringa which is known as the miracle plant.Bio nutrition uses the finest moringa oleifera leaves and pods.This nutrient dense food is rich in vitamins a, b, c and the minerals iron and potassium.Bio nutrition moringa tea is a complete protein source containing essential amino acids as well as co-enzymes and antioxidants.Bio nutrition moringa tea can be a healthy addition to anyone's diet and may contribute to overall health.Moringa benefits have been useful for people with arthritis, infections, high cholesterol levels, and cardiovascular disease.Moringa oleifera can help lower ldl cholesterol since it is rich in catechin polyphenols.These polyphenols mainly egcg (epigallocatechin gallate) are powerful antioxidants that also inhibit abnormal formation of blood clots.Bio nutrition moringa tea benefits health more than other teas on the market since moringa leaves are freeze dried preventing the egcg from being oxidized.

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